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How to install a plesk panel automatically on linux without writing code ?

Hello everyone, in this article, we will show you how to install a plesk panel automatically without writing a single command on the linux server. You must do the following steps in order.

1-First we check whether our server is up to date. If our server is not up to date, we update our server. We can control it with the codes below.

# yum update
2-after updating our server, we can start operations. Below, we provide access to the site where I forwarded the link. .


3-on the page that opens later, we enter our server ip address, username and password in the specified parts and then say next and start the installation.


4-installation takes an average of 15 minutes. In this process, we do not interfere in the server, and the installation is provided automatically. After installation is complete

iPad: 8880

iPad: 8443

you can access the plesk panel by using one of these two ports. Your username and password are the default password for your server.

If you have a situation that is stuck in your mind or you can't understand, you will know to consult our technical team, which serves 24/7. Good luck in advance


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